Further Recommendations

Further Recommendations

We recommend our international students

to take part at some especial courses and events.

Welcome Weeks

The Welcome Weeks take place two weeks before the start of winter term and we highly recommend all guest students to take part. It offers you the opportunity to start successfully into your studies, to meet other visiting students, to find new friends and to earn credits by participating in a German language course.

The Advisory Service of Hochschule Hannover will send you the details and program of the welcome weeks after your application. They will also help you to complete the formalities (e.g. enrolment and residence permit).

Language Learning

German courses / German as a Foreign Language

You would like to become more apt at speaking German? The Language Center offers 2-week intensive German courses each semester, in February and September, before classes start. Additional German courses are scheduled at other dates during the semester. More information will be provided by the language center. The courses are free of charge.

E-Mail: fremdsprachen@hs-hannover.de



Check our website Wanderlust, to find out more ... about Incomings, ... about Outgoings, ... about experiences from other students, ... about Tandem language learning, ... about internships.

Website: https://www.wanderlust-hsh.de/