Applied Mathematics and Data Science (MAT)

Streaming films, communicating via messenger, booking holidays - mathematics is omnipresent. The potential of mathematical methods is also increasingly being used in industry and companies, and areas such as software and telecommunications, finance and insurance are already considered a "mathematical industry" today. This is where the Bachelor’s degree course in Applied Mathematics (MAT) comes in: Students will get a sound basic mathematical education in 7 semesters, learn mathematical methods relevant to practice and deepen their application in the business or technology sector. From the 5th semester onwards, students can specialise in application areas according to their personal interests and choose between the specialisations such as Business Mathematics and Technomathematics. The specialisation in Business Mathematics prepares students in particular for classic career fields in banks and insurance companies, in the controlling of larger companies, in software development and in consulting firms. The specialisation in Technomathematics offers excellent opportunities for starting a career in the classical engineering field, especially in fields with complex technical calculations and simulations. With its focus on application-oriented areas of mathematics and a strong practical orientation, the mathematics programme at the Hochschule Hannover - University of Applied Sciences and Arts stands out clearly from the university mathematics programmes.

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Brief overview

  • Degree

    Bachelor of Science (BSc)

  • Start of studies

    Winter semester

  • Subject group
    Mathematics, Business mathematics, MINT, Technik
  • Form of study

    Full-time and part-time

  • Admissions procedure

    free admission

  • Field of interest
    Mathematics, Data science, Business, Technology
  • Focal Themes
    • Technomathematik
    • Wirtschaftmathematik

Course contents

Fields of specialisation

Course progression and qualification objectives

Practical Experience

In your subsequent professional life, your skills will be primarily in demand when efficient, application-oriented solutions are required. Intensive practical relevance therefore has a high priority in the Applied Mathematics (MAT) degree course.

Thus, you will complete an internship of at least ten weeks at a suitable company in the region - usually in the 7th semester. This practical phase offers you the opportunity to get a realistic idea of the professional reality as well as the possibilities, limits and challenges of the intended professional field.

Under professional supervision, you learn to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired so far in your studies in practice.

The practical phase is an essential part of the degree course; its successful completion counts as a prerequisite for admission to the bachelor’s thesis.


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