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Further recommendations

We recommend our international students to take part in the “Study Camp” before starting their studies and to select the “Ambassador Destination course”.


Study Camp

Before you start your studies we recommend to take part in the “Study Camp”. The Study Camp takes place before the start of the winter semester and lasts two weeks. It offers you the opportunity to start successfully into your studies, to meet other students, to find new friends and to earn credits at the same time. Other visiting students as well as German freshmen take part in the Study Camp. You can register for the Study Camp from the mid of July. Presently the Study Camp can only be offered before the winter semester.

In spring semester, the International Office offers the so-called “Spring Welcome Weeks” for the international incoming students. These include an intensive German language course and the chance to discover the city of Hanover and its surroundings. The International Office will also help you to complete the formalities (e.g. enrolment and residence permit). The exact date of the “Spring Welcome Weeks” will be provided by the International Office.


Ambassador Destination

In the “Ambassador Destination” course you will learn more about the different cultures and you will widen your knowledge in the field of an effective intercultural communication. You will be able to describe and reflect your own conduct and that of others, and understand how intercultural interaction takes place in a working or educational environment.


Language Learning

German courses / German as a Foreign Language

You would like to become more apt at speaking German? The Language Center offers 3-week intensive German courses each semester, in February and September, before classes start. Additional German courses are scheduled at other dates during the semester.

Please sign up in time for your German language course - about two months in advance. Fore more information an registration see website of Language Center.

If you would like to improve your German language skills before studying in Hannover please see the ERASMUS-website (offer of online language course free of charge).


Further offers

International evenings - Café "Zeitlos"

Every tuesday at 8 p.m. an international evenings takes place at Café Zeitlos, Königsworther Strasse 32. All students and friends are welcome to join. You can also join the group on Facebook.

There are many opportunities for leisure activities in Hannover and in the wider Hannover region. Please find details here.

For things to do in advance and before your departure. Click here


Practical information for your stay

Please find details here.

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