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Experiences of international students

Are you an international student and interested in doing a part of your degree or even a complete degree at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover? Find out how it really is to live here as a student, in- and outside of the university. Read some of the personal accounts written by (visiting) students about the experience they had while studying at the Hochschule Hannover in Hannover.  

„I have learned so much, not only about Germans and their culture, but also about many other cultures from other ERASMUS-students. I am certain that in the future, I will often think about this period in my life, and it will put a smile on my face.“
(Kikki Kongerslev from Denmark)

Further experiences forEurope

„In only one year, I have learned so many new things and also gained a new view of my own studies in Japan. Personally, I have become more open and self-assured with the way I deal with other people; that makes me happy.”
(Ajaka Kamada from Japan)

Further experiences forAsia

Viola Hauschild 29.07.2013