Bachelor’s degree courses

From A for Applied Mathematics to W for Industrial Engineering, Faculty I offers various bachelor’s degree courses with attractive job profiles and excellent prospects for starting a career

5 ways to a successful career start as a bachelor

Faculty I of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology offers a highly qualified engineering education in 5 bachelor’s degree courses with specialisations in electrical engineering, information technology, business administration, computer science and mathematics. In addition to a basic education, the bachelor’s degree courses offer individual opportunities to sharpen profiles through extensive elective catalogues. The standard duration of the bachelor’s degree courses is 7 semesters and includes a mobility semester, which enables students to study abroad, as well as an application semester consisting of a practical phase in a company followed by a bachelor's thesis. All degree courses offer the option of part-time study, and the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology degree course also has the option of dual study in cooperation with a company. In this case, the degree offered by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce is also acquired. The bachelor’s degree courses are completed with the degree such as Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).


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Start of course in winter semester 2019/20

Application deadline: 15.07.2019